• MBRIF Innovation Accelerator

    We accelerate business innovations, elevate capabilities, unlock value and achieve scale.

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  • A bespoke public-private partnership for UAE and international innovators, centred on realizing the nation’s vision for the future.

  • Our unique member-centric design and services gives innovators access to world-class services and coaching.

How does it work

Our purpose is to identify, equip, & support the highest potential innovators to thrive in the UAE

Bringing global innovations to the UAE

We want to attract high potential innovators from around the world and provide them with the services they need to hit the ground running and succeed in the UAE

Injecting innovation into the DNA of the UAE

In order to make a lasting impression in the UAE, we believe that it's critical for innovation to become a part of the fabric of the country, its youth and its residents

Helping local innovations grow at home and around the world

We want to help local innovations succeed and reach their growth ambitions both in the UAE and internationally by providing them with the right services to do so

We will do this by providing successful applicants with services that align directly to their biggest challenges

Articulating strategic direction

Aligning on your
purpose & goals

Defining business model

Aligning on what you offer and
how you'll grow revenue

Access to markets & clients

Creating connections and opportunities
to win in the market

Support with funding & finance

Helping you access
the capital you need to succeed

Access to people & talent

Aligning on your
organizational agenda

Who Can Apply

You can apply from anywhere in the world, if you meet our criteria:

UAE Presence

Your company is UAE based or you are looking to set up your business here in the near future

Key sectors

Your business falls under the UAE National Innovation Strategy priority sectors

Post Ideation phase

Your novel technique, product, process or service is in post ideation phase of development

Market potential

Your business has an adequate level of transferability and market potential.

Level of Risk

Your business carries a reasonable level of commercial risk for the MBRIF Innovation Accelerator


Each application is assessed against our eligibility and selection criteria


Propensity of applicants to demonstrate new, or refined thinking through a unique post ideation product or service


Propensity of applicants to show sector leadership underpinned by strong business leadership with ambitions for growth


Propensity of applicants to demonstrate alignment to the UAE vision and support of growth, diversification, and excellence


Propensity of applicant to demonstrate their innovation’s potential social impact on the UAE nationalization and talent agenda

Application Process

Applicants go through a 3 step selection process via the mbrif.ae website

Check Eligibility

    • Process
    • 15 online questions
    • Clarifications (if required by the accelerator)
    • Estimated time spent by the applicant
    • 15 min
    • Stage duration
    • 4 weeks


    • Process
    • 20 questions (closed and open text)
    • Clarifications (if required by the accelerator)
    • 1 short pitch video (smartphone quality will do)
    • Additional attachments (e.g. sales pitch)
    • Estimated time spent by the applicant
    • 1 hour
    • Stage duration
    • 4 weeks


    • Process
    • 15 open text Questions
    • Clarifications (if required by the accelerator)
    • 1 interview
    • Estimated time spent by the applicant
    • 2-3 hours
    • Stage duration
    • 5 weeks
Applicant Calendar

What to Expect

Upon selection, companies are onboarded and receive a customized plan of services


Discover the MBRIF Innovation Accelerator


Submit your application online


Secure your place in the annual cohort


On-board and develop an action plan


Receive services as per your action plan


Assess your experience with MBRIF


Conclude and transition onwards


The MBRIF Innovation Accelerator is a unique proposition


  • No equity stake
  • No success fee
  • No membership fee

Focus on practical support:

  • Broad range of services
  • Driven by outcomes
  • Focus on tangible benefits

Services are member led

  • Run by professional advisors
  • Coached and mentored to success
  • Bulids capabilities in the process

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